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  • Working with the web site modules
    Posted On: Mar 22, 2018
    The UnionActive system is made up of individual Modules that can be added, removed, and customized throughout the site.
    To view the current Modules, login to the site as an admin and you will now see gray boxes around each individual module. Each module box contains an x button, up and down arrows, the module order number, and the title of the module.
    Clicking the x button in a module will remove that module from the current layout. The arrow buttons will move the module up or down in the column.
    Each column has an Edit Column box at the bottom if it for individual control of each column. The left column and right column edit boxes also contain color selections for customizing the background color of each column.
    To add a module to the layout, select the desired module from the drop down selection field at the bottom of the column, enter the order for the module in the number field, and click the Add Module button.
    The right hand column can be customized for each page of the website. For example you can have different modules display in the right column, depending on which page of the web site the user is viewing.
    The left column will stay the same for every page, and the center column is only customizable on the home page. To customize the right column for a page, go to that page in the web site, and click the Use Custom Column link at the bottom of the right column.
    Creating a Custom Module: You can create your own modules and use them to insert your own content. For example, if you want to place an image banner into the right column, you can create a custom module that contains the image banner and link.
    To create a custom module, click the Add Custom Box link at the bottom of the column that you want to add the custom module to. You will be taken to a form to create the module. On the form, first give the module a simple title, like imagebanner1 (don’t use spaces in the name of the module). Then, using the built-in HTML editor, create the content for the module. In this example you would insert the image banner into the editor, then click the add module button to save it.
    The module will now be active at the bottom of the column it was added to, and it will be available as a selection in the add module drop down selection fields in each column.


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